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I guess this falls into the "how far behind are you in your reading" category. The December issue of APS News reported that Physics Central was a finalist in the web awards from the Institue of Physics after a redesign late last year.  PhysicsBuzz was listed as a finalist in the "Best Blog" category. I would write more, but I'm busy browsing the site right now....

Water Pressure Experiment

Usually I'm blogging about astronomy, but the March issue of Science and Children had an article "Water Pressure in Depth" that covers an experiment that is part of the Webelos scientist activity pin, and something I have done with Webelos. They turn the simple demonstration activity into an inquiry activity. They also use plastic milk cartons which are easier to come by than the coffee cans I used (doh! why didn't I think of that then).

This Month in Physics History: Louie de Broglie

Every month I get the APS News (the dead-tree version, which I can carry on the subway), and the two parts I always read first are the Members in the Media (link is to Oct 2010 issue) and This Month in Physics History. Both of these sections help in putting a personal face on physics, and the history column helps set physics discoveries in the context of their historical setting which reads very differently from the typical text book description. This month is about Louis de Broglie.

Careers in Physics

Okay, here is a resource for your next career day.  The American Physical Society has put together a slideshow you can download.  I need to browse this so I can work on my spiel for career day at my son's middle school, IS 30.

Physics at Home, Science Projects

The American Physical Society has a nice web site called "Physics Central" which has, among other things, a section called Physics@Home.  For those of you who put off you science fair projects until the last minute, have a look at some of the things you can try at home.  The laser and jello experiment looks not only interesting, but also quite yummy.
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