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Black hole affecting galactic climate identified

Science Daily: Comets and Asteroids -

Researchers used NASA's Chandra X-Ray Observatory, launched and deployed in 1999 by Space Shuttle Columbia, to identify a powerful galactic blast produced by a giant black hole about 26 million light years from Earth. The black hole is the nearest supermassive black hole to Earth that is currently undergoing such violent outbursts.

Rover rounds Martian dune to get to the other side

Science Daily: Mars -

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover, partway through the first up-close study ever conducted of extraterrestrial sand dunes, is providing dramatic views of a dune's steep face, where cascading sand has sculpted very different textures than the wavy ripples visible on the dune's windward slope.

Cosmic glasses for space exploration

Science Daily: Comets and Asteroids -

How are asteroids and planets formed from stony particles? This question is being explored in an experiment where researchers have developed beads made of a special type of glass. They form the composition of the rock particles as naturally as possible on a small scale.


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